The New Era of

  • Accept Credit Cards with NO FEES & save up to 4%.

  • Table-Side Checkout. Pre-auths. No TIP thresholds.

  • No wires, No Downtime, No Hackable Servers.

  • Fight and WIN chargebacks online in seconds.

  • Drive In Customers - Automated Social Media Marketing.

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Two Powerful Products
Both allow you to accept EMV chip cards, create data-files to fight chargebacks and process payments regardless of your industry.
ChargeSavvy SMART POS
Yes it's better than what he has.
Intelligent Reporting
Rapid TIP Adjust
Table-Side Checkout
Better Customer Experience
Fight Chargebacks In Seconds
Drive More Customers To Location
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KEEP your current POS with
Use the same equipment to convert to FULL POS whenever you want. ChargeSavvy Companion goes side by side with your current POS to take chip card payments, capture customer information and efficiently checkout your guests.
Accept Chip Cards Compliantly
Eliminate Chargebacks
No more paper copies of IDs & Cards
Integrated to Several POS Companies
Use as a Stand-Alone
Keep Guests Seated w/ Table-Side Service
Learn more about COMPANION
No more lost copies, or PCI concerns. It’s all on the cloud - access whenever, from wherever.

Fax chargeback evidence or print and email reports with the click of a button. Reports that analyze every which way of your business - power your business to greater profits.
Beyond the POS
The point of sale system is one thing, but what surrounds it is just as important. ChargeSavvy encompasses it all, we are your business super POS.

Social Media Outreach

When a server clocks in on ChargeSavvy it lets her followers know. "Just got to Club XYZ, come visit me for a drink!" Send offers to follower base as well.

Print Secure Tickets

Free passes, drink tickets, club cash, or any other promo - issue and redeem it through ChargeSavvy. Impossible to counterfeit with our unique serial and bar code generation.

Customer Targeting & GEO Fencing

When a server clocks in on ChargeSavvy it lets her followers know. "Just got to Club XYZ, come visit me for a drink!" Send offers to follower base as well.

Automated 1099s Creation & Digital Contracts

Generate staff 1099's with the click of a button. Our DocuSign integration allows for quick employee contract review, signing and storage.

Inventory Management & Auto Replenishing

We know when your out of receipt paper, Quesadillas or Coronas. Send internal alerts and take control of your inventory.

Integrate To Your Vendors

Automate purchase orders to your food and liquor vendors when inventory is low. Stay loyal to those who have been by your side - ChargeSavvy's nimble code allows for seamless integration to your vendors.

Paperless Option

Go 100% paperless, 50% paperless or 0% paperless. It's your choice, have some stations print tickets while others are paperless. That is the flexibility of ChargeSavvy. Built for your business.

Machine Learning BOT

Anna sells more drinks than Carol during similar shifts & similar hours. Joe's NO SALEs seem higher than they should be. Drinks are not being served fast enough. ChargeSavvy welcomes AI to your reporting.

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ChargeSavvy Clients Pay 0% for all credit and debit card processing fees!
Only $199-$300 a month for software licensing, regardless of the number of POS stations.